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Teambuilding cooking at Wickedfood!

Teambuilding to cook Italian - Wickedfood®

Welcome to a wondrous world of cooking – The cooking institution with a modern edge – The Wickedfood edge.

When you think of Italian food, you think of pasta or pizza, endless amounts of gooey, melting cheeses, savory spices from saffron to thyme and tantalizing aromas. When you think of Italian recipes, you imagine tasting risotto, Veal and antipasto on your lips. However, when it comes to preparing these meals yourself, how skilled are you – Or are you a frequent patron at Italian restaurants? Well, whatever the case, why not contact Wickedfood and allow us to organize a teambuilding to cook Italian for both you and your employees – Or even for you and your family.

Yes, at the Wickedfood Cooking School, you can book a variety of activities, like fun teambuilding to cook Italian, Thai, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as other great events for 4 groups of students between 6 and 12 people each. We have competition cooking, diversity training courses and team development seminars, with one of Gauteng’s leading industrial psychologists who utilizes competition cooking as a medium to explore team dynamics, and equip your staff  with the skills to work more efficiently as a team.
More about Wickedfood:

When coming to our state-of-the-art facilities for teambuilding to cook Italian, you can expect hands-on cooking classes where every person gets to participate in the creation of unique dishes, as well as learning new skills in a fun day out, whilst getting to network with colleagues and clients – Simply connect with Wickedfood
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