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Teambuilding cooking at Wickedfood!

Team Building Cooking – learn techniques for efficient cooking and teamwork

Team building cooking classes will encourage team bonding, will certainly build culinary confidence during and after the process, boost morale and foster camaraderie, and why not, with fresh ingredients, tantalizing recipes and great team spirit, the end result is a sumptuous meal for everyone's enjoyment, and the completion of a new and challenging task.

At Wickedfoods, your team is provided with all the ingredients for their ready-to-taste success; we provide everything your team will need, and new techniques and tools will present opportunities for learning and innovation to meet the dynamics of your group.

Our qualified instructors and assistants are always on hand with team building cooking, whether your team are eager novices or experienced home cooks. Regardless, they will have to work together on the available resources, ask for and also give help as needed, handle mistakes and personality differences and discover new ways of co-operation in order to follow the recipes and the entire strategy.

Each event at Wickedfoods is designed with your needs in mind. Your team will enjoy a new exciting experience they'll never forget and appreciate the fact that you chose team building cooking instead of a boring dinner with the usual motivational speaker. Cooking is all about fun, as well as enjoying great food in a relaxed and stylish setting equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen where up to four teams of students each will prepare the same six dishes.  Each participant will get an apron to wear while cooking while limited wine and soft drinks will ensure that the cooks are well refreshed.

After everyone has enjoyed  the relaxed, informative and highly entertaining team building cooking classes, they all sit down to enjoy a great meal they helped prepare, and will go home with some recipes and new ideas.