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Teambuilding cooking at Wickedfood!

Cooking Teambuilding – have your cake and eat it

At Wickedfood Cooking School, our cooking teambuilding exercises leave everyone who goes through this fun experience feeling that it’s much more fun and easier to do things as a team and it actually builds relationships, it bonds!  We are one of the few cooking schools in the country that are actually geared, not only to individuals and hobby enthusiasts, but at the corporate market for cooking teambuilding purposes.

Our team-building is such fun and so hands-on that people never feel threatened, unsafe, out of their comfort zones, like so many other types of teambuilding functions, and have found that people from our cooking functions keep on telling others to come and try out this amazing fun, successfully!

Comments that past students have made are that our innovative approach to relationship building cements business friendships, it's money well spent on a worthwhile activity and that other businesses will want to try out our cooking teambuilding seminars ... all because we have put together an exciting programme which incorporates all the fun elements of cooking.

Apart from our standard 3½ hour team-building cooking classes we also run full day teambuilding cooking sessions in conjunction with an industrial psychologist, where the cooking classes have a more structured dimension offering participants an insight into what makes good teams work through a fun interactive presentation. Because of the inter-activeness in a fun environment, the team mates learn greater understanding and tolerance of the other members of the team. As part of the session, each person is involved in the preparation of the dishes, and each group works on about 6 dishes, the same for each team, getting involved in preparing the various dishes, all very hands-on, with hands getting dirty!  Aprons are provided

Come in casual comfy clothes and shoes. At the end of the class all the participants sit down together for laughter, chatting and sharing over the food they have prepared.

If your company needs a really fun, successful way of teambuilding that will cement and build relationships, then come to Wickedfood for a very exciting cooking teambuilding experience. Here you can have your cake and eat it!